Davao City: Life is here!

“Dabaw” as what Filipinos normally pronounce it is known as one of the safest city in the Philippines. Located on the Southern island called Mindanao is one place everyone should be visiting. Traveler or not, you’ll get hooked to it, not just the place but with the people. We would like to share our experience and as well itineraries we had for almost five days of fun!

Sept. 3, 2016 (Saturday)

7 AM flight to Davao from Manila. Almost 2 hours travel time. And when you get there, it’s very easy to access the city. Taxi lane is just outside the airport but there are some who are not on the lane so you can get a ride quickly. Fyi, taxi drivers in Davao are very kind and friendly. They help and assist you with whatever itineraries you have in mind and they’ll suggest better ways to enjoy Davao. We knew they make a living out of it but they won’t force you. They’re suggesting comfort and fun while travelling. The best part, same rate but returns EXACTLY the change the you should be getting on your fare. Salute!


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